At Shorty's Creations, the question we get asked most frequently is "How much will a website cost me?" Our answer is never the same. Each website we develop is different from the last, making generic pricing impossible. As such, each website is priced individually and cost is entirely dependent on the needs of our clients.

With this in mind, we are more than happy to offer a free initial telephone consultation, and create a free quotation based on your needs.

Strong, concise content that sends a clear message to visitors is crucial in stimulating interest in any website. Professionally written content serves to speak to the internet audience, highlighting any products, services or information offered. The ultimate aim of online content is to stir the reader to action through further exploration of the site.

Shorty’s Creations offers a professional, custom writing service that maximizes the potential of the website, engages the audience, and boosts search engine optimization through the use of strategically positioned keywords. The fee for this service starts at $40 per page.

Keeping your website current and ensuring that it includes the latest, most relevant information is a sure-fire way to encourage return visitors to your site. However, many businesses simply do not have the time or manpower to maintain their websites. Therefore, Shorty's Creations is more than happy to remove the burden of updating from your shoulders.

For a nominal monthly fee we will update your website within specified limits.This will ensure your website provides your clients with the most current data, encouraging them to utilize your website again and again. Monthly maintenance packages start a $50 per month.

Domain Name Registration
Your Domain Name is the name given to your online presence and is crucial to the success of your online venture. As such, with any web design contract, Shorty's Creations is pleased to offer your first year's Domain Name Registration for free. Thereafter, the fee will be $10 per year.

Web Hosting

Web Hosting is included in any web design quote we issue, unless otherwise specified. However, we also provide web hosting for those simply looking for reliable, secure hosting. Our hosting plans start at $10 per month, offering a wide range of "extras", as well as large disk space and monthly bandwidth.

Professional Imaging

Shorty's Creations is pleased to offer specialist graphic design in addition to our web design services. Graphic, Logo and Corporate Identity design starts at $60 per hour. We also provide Digital Photograph Manipulation services for those who need digital images "tweaked". These services are charged on a case by case basis but generally start at $75 per hour.